Lucifer on Fox

September  2017


Text Samantha Van Hoozer


The hit TV series Lucifer on Fox isn’t your typical network cop drama. It follows the story of the character “Lucifer Morningstar” (Tom Ellis), yes, the actual Devil, who decided to take a vacation to Los Angeles after he became tired of running Hell. He buys a penthouse in downtown LA and turns it into a night club named Lux where he indulges in a life of constant partying.


Lucifer on Fox


The murder of a close acquaintance brings him together with an LAPD detective named “Chloe Decker” (Lauren German), who fascinates Lucifer as she is immune to the supernatural abilities he possesses as The Devil, a mystery addressed later in the show. Through his work with Chloe, he discovers that he has a passion for crime solving, as it is strikingly similar to the work he did creating fitting punishments for guilty souls in Hell.


As he works more cases, Lucifer’s therapist “Linda’ whom he met in the pilot episode, suggests that his love for detective work may no longer just be about enjoying punishing the guilty, but finding justice for the good as well. This leads to a fascinating examination of the nature of The Devil, who in this series is portrayed as a fallen angel, a rebellious son who never wanted to run Hell, but was forced to by his father (God). Lucifer tells anyone who will listen that he gets a bad rap as The Devil, as he is not responsible for the bad things humanity does, that’s all on them. All he is responsible for is punishing bad people who deserve what they get.


The Devil isn’t a character that you would think is possible to redeem, but as Lucifer spends more time on Earth exploring his humanity, it seems entirely possible that who The Devil really is has been overshadowed by the image humanity has created of him to relieve the guilt of their own misdeeds.


Even as Lucifer becomes more human and his attachment to Earth grows, his family is trying to pull him back to the world they all knew before, which is where the Biblical mythology of the show comes into play. Lucifer’s brother “Amenadiel” (D.B. Woodside) who is still in the good graces of God, comes to Earth to bring Lucifer back to his rightful place in Hell. However, as Amenadiel spends more time on Earth, he is affected by humanity as well, and begins to understand why Lucifer has made the choices that he has. Even God’s wife “the eternal goddess” is introduced as she escapes from Hell and emphasizes the side of Lucifer that just wanted love and attention from absent parents.


Rather than introduce these characters as inherently good or evil, the series portrays them as multidimensional individuals struggling to fit in and survive in a dysfunctional family, something that most of us can relate to. Despite attempts by the Christian religious group “One Million Moms” to have Lucifer cancelled for what they say is casting the Devil in a dangerously sympathetic light, which has been hilariously mocked in the series, “Lucifer’s” perfectly balanced mixture of irreverent humor, romance, action and exploration of humanity has struck a chord with viewers as it is still going strong entering its third season airing on Fox, Monday, October 2.



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