Soccer Mommy Live at The Holland Project

Tonight, Friday October 12, 2018 w/ SASAMI 8 pm


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A subtle approach, combined with straightforward lyrics, gives Sophie Allison’s music its appeal. Known as Soccer Mommy, the personal and relatable topics she touches on with every track are delivered next to incredible instrumentation that the 20 year old singer-songwriter-musician has honed since her first project, Songs For The Recently Sad in 2015. In that short time, she’s made great strides with her career, signing with the independent label Fat Possum Records where her odd aesthetic has been let loose.


Her compelling perspective of a young woman scorned centers around the hurt caused by her lover’s expectations and lack of empathy. These seem to be the feelings her listeners attach to. Though I try as a 23 year-old male, I’m presently incapable of fully understanding the complexity of the female psyche. But thanks to Allison's sometimes disturbing and always contextually driven visuals, I have a new look into a woman’s experience. These frustrations were gruesomely yet playfully depicted in “Your Dog,” where the artist spends some quality time with the body of her recently murdered boyfriend, who continuously took her for granted.


Leaving no room for us to question her message or talent, the Nashville, Tennessee native’s latest album Clean has received national praise. Though lacking in vocal range, this body of work contains profound content and stellar contributions from fellow musicians Nick Brown, Roger Kleinman, Julian Powell, and Gabe Wax. Their variety of skills invoke the upbeat vibe that counteracts Allison’s misery and sense of inadequacy. These elements were integral in creating songs her core fans will cherish for the rest of her career. Achieving that level of quality at this early stage is a difficult task, now she must continue to summon her reflective energy with future releases.


Soccer Mommy’s potential got her crew on Paramore’s Foster The People tour over the summer and Kacey Musgrave’s Oh, What A World tour starting later this month. To keep the grind going she’s currently embarking on her own fall tour, which includes a stop tonight at Reno, Nevada’s Holland Project, located 140 Vesta Street, Friday, October. 12, 2018.


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