The Ladies of Black Hole Body Piercing
Published in the December 2011 RTT

The Ladies of Black Hole Body Piercing
from left to right - Angela, Kaytea, Jessica, Aimee
Aimee (above)
Opalite stone eyelets from Tawapa
Opalite stone nostril plugs from Oracle
Industrial Strength filtrum gemstone flower
Rose gold dermal end by BVLA
Assorted gold septum rings by BVLA
Industrial Strength gemstone ends
Jessica (above)
Yellow gold double flare earlets by BVLA
Shell ear fans from Abaraka
Yellow gold Round Illusion in her filtrum by BVLA
Simple gold nostril hoop by BVLA
KAYTEA (above)
Turquoise heart ear weights from Oracle
Latchmi Goddess white gold septum ring by BVLA
3 bead white gold gemstone bezels in her nostril and filtrum by BVLA

ANGELA (above)
Sparrow brass & copper ear weights from Omega Red
Ornate gold eyelets from Tawapa
Latchmi Goddess yellow gold nostril rings