Lindi Ortega
@ The Knitting Factory May 18, 2012
Published in the June 2012 RTT

Lindi Ortega

 This Canadian gal’s rockabilly country was catchy, danceable and downright original. No big accompaniment needed here. Her three piece band was all it took for her to make her unceremonious point that she’s definitely someone to watch. Her harmonious singing style and the passionate depth of her lyrics-think Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton having a kid-will take you to the dance floor in style. And she’s not an annoying girly girl like so many of the current pop county stars are today. She has a Janis and Patsy like quality that reminds you of a hitchhiking singer in a honky-tonk on the roads of Texas or Missouri. When you leave the bar you’ll see her with her thumb out, a guitar strapped on her back, making her way to her next gig.

After the show I listened to the CD she gave me--she was very humble--and I put it on my play list. It’s the first new country singer that has EVER been on it. I think what I like the most about Lindi is that on the surface she seems like a sweet bad girl, when in reality I think she is a bad girl who can be sweet. She is definitely the girl I would want to have my back in a bar fight.

Reno please get the fuck off your couches for musicians you don’t know. When you miss them you are usually missing a lot. For more information check her out at

Jenny PezDeSpencer is the Senior Contributing Writer for Reno Tahoe Tonight Magazine.